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by Irving Smolens

Thanks for the story. Karen my daughter came across it as she was surfing the Internet. The only major omission was that no mention was made of the 37 members of my B Battery who were KIA on D-day as their landing craft hit a mine approaching Utah Beach. There were 59 men on that landing craft and 23 of them are presumed "Buried at Sea." Their names are enshrined on the wall of the, "Garden of the Missing" a giant rotunda in the Colleville Cemetery.

Other minor corrections: The only time gun batteries of the 29th F.A. Battalion had 6 105s was when A and C Batteries were given 2 extra guns to make up for the B Battery guns that were destroyed on D-day. When B Battery was reconstituted after Cherbourg was liberated toward the end of June 1944 A and C Batteries were reduced to their normal complement of 4 guns each. During the Battle of the Bulge we were in Luxembourg after the bloodletting in the Hurtgen. We were supposed to be recuperating because our rifle companies were down to 40% effective when the Germans attacked.

In another E-mail I will send you 5 pictures of me with President Obama in Normandy. The one I like best is the one with his hand on my shoulder as I was thanking him for keeping us out of war.

Once again, heartfelt thanks for the Melrose Mirror story.


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