Rundown of Revere Beach Sand sculpting festival

... two days later the cyclone hit ...

Photos from Gail Nelson, copy from Norma Staples

There are 18 exhibitors -- sculptors -- listed in the City Of Revere's brochure on this annual event, some six from Florida, six from Canada and one artist (or team) from each -- Holland, Singapore, Netherlands and Mexico.

Prizes $5,000 for first place, four grand for second, three for third, plus $1000 for "People's Choice". Winners will be announced in next month's issue of the The Melrose Mirror.

In a message from Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo, "Revere Beach is truly one of the east coast's hidden gems. We are thrilled to hold the distinction of being  the home of America's first public beach, now a National Historic Landmark."

The "plot", given each sculptor, is 18x18 feet. He/she is allocated 12 tons of sand with which to work; they may work only from 8-to-5 daily, with 45 minutes for lunch. Only a master sculptor may work in the plot although he may have assistants to such as handle forms.

Spectator's comment on works in progress: Ummm, coffins? (A contestant begins the five-day construction period).

Spectator: It appears the sculptor served as his own model?

Spectator: Oh my goodness, who was your model?

Spectator: "Ahhh-h-h, ghoulish, scary for sure."

Spectator: "Home, sweet home?"

Spectator: "Certainly a work in progress ..."

Spectator: "Parrots? Turtles? Creatures? ..."

Spectator: "Shaking hands? No, a helping hand?"

Spectator: "How on earth did you ...?"

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