Dream Diner

... our pictures are hanging on the wall

by Betty Rossi

My brothers and I have our pictures hanging on the wall of a restaurant in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, close to looking like "wanted" poster pictures, except ours were due to having fun. Who ever goes to Tyngsborough from Melrose? My baby brother Robert and his wife came up from Franklin, Massachusetts, my brother Skip and his wife came over from Hollis, New Hampshire and my husband and I drove up from Melrose and we all met at the Dream Diner. Talk about a throw-back to the 50's! Everywhere you looked, there was nostalgia. The food is superb and the lines are out the door. The owners even give you a cup of coffee while you are standing in line waiting for a seat. The same people have been working there for years and years and they remember everyone who walks through the door.

The first time that we all met there, my brother Skip,who had been there before, pulled me aside and said,"I'm going to tell them that it's Robert's birthday and watch what happens". Thank goodness I had my camera with me, because as we were eating our wonderful food, over came one of the waitresses. They put a birthday hat on my brother, grabbed him and marched him around the diner, while the whole place, maybe fifty or so people, including the cooks and waitresses, sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Why this was so funny, was that his birthday is in April and this was July. . He was surprised to say the least, but he is such a very good sport, he laughed and laughed and went right along with it. One of the waitresses had put on bright red lipstick and planted a big red kiss right on his cheek. We were laughing so hard, that tears were rolling down my face and it was hard to see to take pictures.

My brother Skip gave the diner some pictures of the day and the second time that we all went back to the restaurant, they all remembered us.  

September 5, 2014

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