Purple, by Roget and Webster

... and also by my friend Arlene

by Shirley Rabb

Roget’s International Thesaurus talks about Purple as a noun… Purpleness, lavender, violet etc. as a verb...empurple..., the adjective is described as...purplish plum-colored, lavender, orchid etc. In royalty there is… Sovereign, regal, and

Webster New World Dictionary tells us that purple is a dark color that is a blend of red and blue, deep crimson, an emblem of royalty or high rank.

How can we go wrong here in Melrose with what we have in the color purple?
A few of our purple houses dot the streets around town. A few sedate by themselves, pretty in color and style and one that really stands out for all of the above reasons.

Lebanon Street                                                                              Boardman Ave.


The house on Boston Rock Road was built in 1964 and Arlene and her husband moved in shortly there after. The color was
grey for some time and in 1989 the color and all about it changed. In August of 2001  Brigid Alverson,working for the
Melrose Free Press, was taken by the house and did a full page article on the house and it's furnishings. Since that time
much more has changed.

As you enter the house there is not the yellow brick road of Dorothy, but the purple walk way towards purple things, plus.

There is a lovely great wall of china. Real china that is, in a variety of colors and designs. China plates that have been
collected and passed on by Arlene's Mother plus those she has continued to collect and display.

There is a section for tea pots, coffee pots and chocolate pots. Arlene explained the difference to me and now I know.
(You can check the dictionary).  

The refrigerater and dishwasher are definitely purple highlighting the kitchen area. The novelty items in purple vary from tea cups to dolls to candles.

The bathroom comes complete with purple towels and cute stuffed animals that live in purple plush. This room also holds the esssential creams and lotions to start each purple day.

There is a wall of older kitchen utensils and tools like my Mother and Father used, way back when. If you look you will see the corner with the purple gum ball machine for vising children.

The resting working doll is there and the ceiling with lovely flowers against the background of the purple ceiling. Arlene could not let the poem about wearing purple off the wall either. There is a purple fluffy phone to tickle the conversations; just some "stuff" that landed on this table' and close to the door a mail lady with pocket for outgoing mail.

Outside we have a purple hydrant, windmill and water pump. You can also see flowers and lamp posts; and even a bird cage of purple.

The back of the house, against the purple wall has some lovely plaques. For the children, chairs in their size and a wonderful purple wheeler.

Arlene never leaves the house without thinking purple and driving off in her purple car.

       ( Her husband does not mind at all)

September 5, 2014

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