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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- August 1, 2014

Stringer Flo Shea helps celebrate her brother-in-law Pete's upcoming birthday at Galyns in Bar Harbor. In honor of the occasion, his entire meal was free.

Publisher for this issue is Florence Shea

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On vacations, Flo goes down to Maine
from Florence Shea
... not this year, not last year -- but the year before ...

Stay-cation boating beats the heat
by Debbi Collar
... taking a summer safari on nearby ponds and lakes

A five day vacation in Kyoto Japan
by Joe Sullivan
... but first you have to get there.

Follow me!
by Betty Rossi
... who could ever refuse an offer

Three by five cards
by Ed Boyd
... a look at Raymond Carver

Rundown of Revere Beach Sand sculpting festival
Photos from Gail Nelson, copy from Norma Staples
... two days later the cyclone hit ...

Silver Stringer Ed Boyd's new book
by Joe Sullivan
... "Stories that keep popping up into my head." is the title of this collection of delightful, nostalgia-provoking short stories.

Summer Stroll on Main Street
by Debbi Collar
businesses welcomed patrons to a traffic free evening, artists and performers were also on hand.

Murder in the garden
by Carol Nelson
... unsuspecting. Innocence. Jealous. Choking.

Thanks for the story
by Irving Smolens
... Hey, you forgot ...

from Gareth Bradnam
... Writer needs help on WWII matters ...

The Senior Tones winter practice session
by Debbi Collar
no matter the weather, the Senior Tones sing up a storm

Did you know ?
by Florence Shea
... ignition key, Personal Computer, firehouses

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