Volleyball season is back!!!

... Varsity, JVs, both looking strong

from Don Norris

The Varsity.

By the time the Mirror goes to press, the 2014 version of the MHS volleyball team will have played two matches, facing a unusually strong lineup of adversaries this season. Officially the varsity and the JVs opened the season on Thursday, September 4, against Ursaline Academy -- just too late for the Mirror's deadline.

Winchester visits Melrose at 5:30 (4:00 for JVs) on Monday, September 8, then the club travels to Belmont on Wednesday. Sept 10, for 4pm varsity game and a 5:30 JV competition.

Unusual this year is a sparsity of enough freshman to produce a squad -- the first time in several years. Two or three of the newcomers have been melded to the JVs, and, in one case, to the varsity.

The Junior Varsity

The varsity this year boasts several veterans, has gained markedly both in height and experience. There are four players over 5-9, plus four move at least 5-7. The two tallest are Cat Torpey, a 5-11 sophomore, and Junior Hannah Mulcahey at 5-10. The lone freshman on the squad is Lily Fitzgerald, a setter and defensive player.

The roster includes veterans Marissa Cataldo, Amanda Cain, Meri Lessing, Hannah Mulcahey, Stephanie Crovo. Ashley Harding, setter Allie Nolan and Cat Torpey. Newcomers to the varsity are Kaitlyn MacInnis, Megan Leyne and Victoria Crovo. and Lily Fitzgerald (the freshman).

The regular season play will carry through September and October, with playoffs schedule for early November.

New to the Melrose schedule this season are Ursuline Academy, Notre Dame Academy, Wakefield and Westboro.

September 5, 2014

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