A puzzlement

...something I can't figure out

by Casa

HI, my name is Casa.
Many of you know me from the stories I have written in the Mirror over these past years. I have been living in Melrose for 11 of my
12 years and this is a nice town to be in.  Now I am confused but hope to get over this soon.

Since I have come to Melrose I have had two great parents. We have traveled all over this country, and even a place called Canada. I
have had a great seat in the car by sitting on two pillows on the lap of one of my parents while the other one drove the car. Now
things are changed and I am trying to figure it out.

Some time ago; maybe ten human month’s things began to be different. Well before that there seemed to be what humans call “tension”
in the house. My parent, the one holding the pillows in the car, seemed to be forgetting things and mixing things up in the house.
This made my other parent nervous and frustrated. But anyway one parent went away to get her knee fixed and the other parent moved
out of the house. I had a nice friend stay with me at home.

The parent with the bad knee ;( she is the driver of the car) came home but my other parent has not.

We have gone to visit her and she lives in a nice house. She has a pretty room with pictures of me on the window and a nice bed that
I was able to jump on. She patted me and gave me snacks and I was happy to see her too. We went out into the yard with flowers and
chairs and this was fun. When the other six ladies living in the house were called to supper my parent had to go also. She was not
happy; she even got angry because we had to leave her there. After all I had to go home to eat and get my pills. I thought she would
come home with us but I guess she is not coming home again.

My parent does not look sick but I guess it is a human disease that cannot be cured by just holding a dog on your lap. I heard
someone say Alzheimer’s, whatever that means.

I am not sure why this happened but I miss her, and although I have two pillows in the car and can see out the window it is not the
same as sitting on her lap. I wish she could get better .

September 5, 2014

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