Boston's history on ice

... prepare for winter!

by Debbi Collar

Winter is coming and preparations are in the making for the chilly months

Favorite seasons differ from person to person.

Some New Englanders may choose to stay, but others may head south for
the winter, such as those Florida snowbirds. Once the snowbirds retreat,
others are left to deal with the upcoming New England snowstorms, icicles,
shoveling and below freezing temperatures.

The winter months require much preparation. Get out the winter jackets
snowsuits, boots, gloves, shovels, and snowplows. Be prepared to be
"snowed in" only to have to leave the warmth of the house or a roaring fire as
being sowed in means going out in the snow to clear the flakes from the cars
and it means shoveling paths or plowing driveways.

Being a person who prefers the warmer climates of spring and summer,
something needed to be done to help me get ready for the chilliest
season of the year. WINTER!!!!

But what?

A lifelong New Englander, plenty of winter jackets, boots, hats and gloves
are at the ready. Yes, they help a bit with body temperature but it seems
to never be enough. So… how to get the body and mind prepared before the
first snowfall?

A visit to Frost Ice located at 200 State Street at the back of Faneuil Hall, on a
hot,summer's day in late August was planned.   

Ice bars were originally created in Sweden. It is not new. There are many in
various locations around the world. Yet for Boston, it is a new attraction
destination to be considered as winter approaches. Here is a quick note for
those who prefer soaking in sunshine rather than the blizzards of winter and
are not as fortunate as the snowbirds who have already taken flight - it's
time to prepare for the temperature drop.

One suggestion would be a quick visit to Frost Ice in Boston to quickly be
followed by heading somewhere warm.

Frost Ice was the perfect place for mind and body preparation for winter.

Upon entering the building, there was already a chill in the air. Or could that
have been air conditioning? Once inside the hall, we met "Herschel."  The
snowman stands guard outside the door and is next to a rack full of navy
blue parkas. Greeters assist visitors with these capes, handing out gloves as

Talk about preparation for winter!

Thoughts of what had just been left behind, one of the most beautiful, warm,
sunny days of summer ran through my mind as we waited to enter Frost Ice.

After donning the blue capes and gloves, staff declared us ready and opened
the doors to, at first glimpse, a small but magical ice palace. The room also
brought to mind, the movie," Frozen," and it wasn't long before we felt the


86 degrees Fahrenheit outside but inside Frost ice, 24 degrees Fahrenheit.
A photographer waits to take pictures of visitors. Portraits of President John
F. Kennedy and Paul Revere oversee the crowd. Visitors ask each other to
take photos of their groups. Everyone was smiling.

Then there is the discovery that each of the ice sculptures is connected to
that recurrent Boston theme - Author Robert McCloskey's Make Way for
Ducklings, the swan boats in the pond at Boston's Public Garden, the
Aquarium, the Leonard Zakim Bridge.

Also, all ice are the  bar and the glasses. Frost Ice serves both alcoholic and
non-alcoolic drinks. Guests spend just a limited amount of time inside the
room although they are welcome to stay as long as they like.  

One non ice sculpted item in the room was the blanket on which we sat. It
had been placed on an icy bench.

Our drinks were pureed into the icy glasses and then two chilly friends
toasted the warmer weather outside to which they would soon return.

October 3, 2014

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