The peacefulness of a cloudy day

... as the fall colors start to appear

by Shirley Rabb

The sky is painted grey this morning and the lake reflects the color. As I walk closer to the shore I can see the water is crisp and clear as always.

Tiny fish swim by not far from the edge of the shore. Two loons seem to float across the lake and then disappear under the water, to reappear further away after about two or three minutes.

This is a silent part of the day. No breeze stirs the trees. After last night's rain the leaves, changing color, are misty and steady on the branches.

The only sound is the chirping of an occasional bird, the chickadee, gold finch or blue jay. Most of the summer birds have left for warmer climates but the beauty of color is still here.

Across the lake the beech, birch and maple trees reflect the colors of fall in reds, orange and gold.

Perhaps the sun will come out later and change the picture of the day but now the silence and the grey are beautiful.

October 3, 2014

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