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A new, beautiful sound to the National Anthem

... a highlight of Seniors Night.

from the SilverStringers

The place was the bright, new gymnasium at the Middle School complex on
the Fellsway. The time was a weekday evening recently, when the girls' varsity
volleyball team was to take on a powerful contingent from Westfield High.

There was a good, exciting game, but the point of this story is not the game,
but the rendition of our National Anthem to open the annual Senior Night

The anthem is a very difficult piece to sing, but when the singers add
harmony, it is even more so. But two Melrose High girls did it with beautiful
success, perfect tone, perfect timing -- with no accompaniment.

Acapella. And it was gorgeous.

The two singers involved are not pros, not majoring in music -- in fact, they picked up this assignment only three hours earlier. In spite of the rush, they did a beautiful job before an estimated audience of 700. And it was beautiful.

The pair, both juniors at Melrose High, are Hannah Mulcahey (harmony) and Lindsey Chose (melody). Both are in the honors program.

November 7, 2014

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