A last look at autumn colors

... it may be late November, but still there is beauty out there ...

from Don Norris

It's late in the fall, winter is closing in. But we, here in eastern Massachusetts,
are in the throes of a lingering autumn, for the leaves on most of our trees
refuse to let go. Even the color, the orangy-reds, the purples, some dark
greens and definitely bright yellows, all burst into flaming color when
subjected to the afternoon sun. It is a lingering landscape.

I have to admit that I punched up that color with Photoshop, not much --
but it was a cloudy day when I pointed the Canon at our small forest. The
editing was an effort to replicate those brilliant rays produced by a late
afternoon sun.  

Since I retired some 25 years ago and took up photography as a hobby, I've
learned the old adage, "Beauty is the eye of the beholder." One really has to
go looking for attractive scenes, the brilliant colors of fall, the warm
illumination of a setting sun. I seemed to have garnered a positive
reputation, since MIT handed us a spot on the internet some 20 years ago.
Being able to bore into a scene to see those exceptional spots of beauty, of
interest. It IS a skill that one must develop.

There's little doubt, in the near future I'll be out in the snow, capturing the
beauty of a New England winter.

December 5, 2014

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