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from the SilverStringers

That's Senator Ed Markey, seen in downtown Melrose recently. The occasion was the annual Halloween Parade, produced by the Chamber of Commerce and which produces several thousand guests. The Stringer photographer had sought some warmth by crowding into Turner's Seafood, and was sharing a cocktail with two young ladies -- graduates (some years ago) of the MHS volleyball program. Suddenly, a silver sedan stops in front of the restaurant, a fellow pops out, enters the store, gets his order, and leaves. As he was rounding the back of his car, the Senator turned around, recognized this 83-year-old gentleman with the camera, smiled and waved -- a wave he held until he was sure I had the photo. So, now we Melrosians can say news of Turners' success has reached Washington, D.C. Now, if the city would eliminate that law that requires all customers to buy food before purchasing a cocktail, things would be better. But the seafood is excellent!.

December 5, 2014

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