The first snowfall

...beautiful and peceful

by Shirley Rabb

The water is still and clear allowing the reflection of the cold and dark
evergreens to edge the other side of the lake

The small island is covered with a dusting of an early snowfall.

Nothing is moving.

Blue jays, at the feeders and snow-covered branches, color the grey and
white morning. A woodpecker, at the suet, is busy chipping away at his
delicacy meal of the day.

The snow on the roof of the house is creating melting icicles as the
temperature is closing in on 36 degrees. It will be a warm day.

The birch trees, laden with the heavy wet first snow are bowing their
branches to the earth.

There seems to be the hand of an artist which has created a beautiful piece
of artwork on the ice.

The pine trees reach towards the colorless sky, and the silence of the day is

December 5, 2014

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