Ooops! No Turkey today -- snow's too deep

... The storm hit Wednesday night, wiping out electricity
         across New Hampshire ...

Photos by Don Norris

This is in Tilton/Belmont, New Hampshire, on Thursday morning -- Thanksgiving. The occasion was the annual Turkey Day gathering of the Norris clan at the home of their daughter, Joanne Phillips, for a some champagne and a sumptuous turkey dinner.

But it didn't turn out that way. A sneak mini-blizzard appeared, wiping out much (if not most) of the electrical system, across the state. That means NO heat, No stove, No Turkey, No lights, No hot water, no, no, no,

The Melrose Norrises thought they would beat the forecast snow by driving the 90 miles up Route I-93 on Wednesday morning, get a hotel room two miles from the Phillips' place, and enjoy yet another roasted turkey on Thursday.

It didn't work that way. Not at all. First, as soon as Lorry and I hit the New Hampshire border, the snow started. It was light and it pretty much melted as soon as it hit the pavement. By the time we reached Tilton, however, it was a heavy snow. We had a delightful lunch at a Chinese Restaurant (which we recommend) with our son-in-law, Jeff Phillips, in Tilton, opposite the big shopping center, and spent the afternoon reading at the hotel. Not to worry about snow, now. We're here.

The problem is, nobody forecast the ferocity of the pending snow storm. It snowed and snowed and snowed, all night long, and on waking up on Thanksgiving morn, the whole world had turned white. Everything was heavily coated, trees were bent over, it was a foot deep on the ground.

The good part is that the hotel had its own generator, so we were warm and toasty. Further, the NH DPW is an efficient machine, and we awoke to a bright sunny day and the highways had already been cleared. We spent a half hour digging the car free, then buzzed the two miles down Route 140, clicking my back-up Canon digital camera all the way. The results are this report.

Dinner wasn't a turkey, it was frozen steak cooked outdoors. Our other daughter, Nancy, arrived and the party got going -- thanks to a good friend and neighbor, Bob, who lent his generator to the Phillips for the day. He was the guest of honor, and we had a good Thanksgiving steak -- at something like 45 degrees in the house. It was a good time.

December 5, 2014

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