Letters to ...

Captain Christopher Adelbert Adams

... papers found, family contacted

by John Averell

On December 15, 2014 reader Lucie Reed wrote:

This is a somewhat complicated story. My name is Lucie Reed and I live on a
ranch in Star, Texas. I have a stack of military papers that once belonged to a
Captain Christopher Adelbert Adams of Darien, Connecticut. They are
interesting, but they are of no significance to me. Perhaps there is someone
who would want to have these. I typed his name into Google and this is one
site that I found that might have a connection to him. If anyone reading this
knows how to contact his family, please give them my email address,
Lucie.p.reed@gmail.com. I will keep the papers just in case someone
responds. After, a few years, if no one responds, I will ship them to the
Darien Public Library or a local genealogy research group. My family lived in
Darien for one year in 1962-3. We lived on Seagate Street and I attended
Hindley Elementary School. In the 1980's, my parents lived in Darien again
for about seven years. My brother attended Darien High School. I am
thinking these papers had been lost in an attic or basement, then packed
into moving boxes in one of my parents' return trips to Houston. In sorting
through my parents belongings recently, I came across an old black folder
containing these military papers. There are at least three beautiful papers
with the seal of the President of the United States and one with the signature
of Governor of Connecticut in 1948. I hope someone will contact me to claim

Lucie Reed

John Averell replied:

I wrote the story about Chris Adams. My (deceased) brother Rip, and his wife,
Barbara Averell are the lovely couple that Mr. Adams put together so well.

I'm forwarding this on to Barb Averell (now in Louisville) for her interest, and
to Peg Lewis, Mr. Adams' daughter.
If you click on this link, it goes to letters between Peg Lewis and me in
our Melrose Mirror: Click here

Hopefully Peg may be interested in the papers. Otherwise I suspect that your
suggestion to send the papers along to either Darien High School or Darien
Public Library is best.
Good luck in your quest, and thanks for the connection.

John Averell

(John received the following note from Peg)
John - BINGO! Thank you once again. This is a most exciting find!
And how nice of Lucie to pursue it. Ive written to her.
Im fascinated to see what shes got. Many thanks, Peg

January 2, 2015

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