I was California bound

... our family Thanksgiving

by Florence Shea and Avalon Berg

 For the past four or five years my sister and her family have rented a house in Bodega Bay California                              
 at Thanksgiving. This year I joined them and met my new great-niece Avalon and saw my nephews again.                               
 Bodega Bay is on the coast twenty miles West of Santa Rosa and forty miles Northwest of San Francisco.

     This is the rental house. The next two pictures are the area surrounding the house. We saw nine deer
     Thanksgiving afternoon munching on the bushes. The following day there were four turkey vultures swooping around.     
     Looking over the rooftops you can see the Pacific Ocean.      

     This is Sonoma County State Beach. It is a very popular spot for surfers.

     First my sister Liz and husband Pete are having lunch on the front porch. Next is mom Elizabeth                                   
     watching as Avalon pinches new dad Lars' forehead. Grandpa Pete is feeling Avalon's muscles.

     Avalon asks "what's going on over there?" Grandma Liz and Avalon read a book.                                                     
     Great Aunt Florrie holding Avalon.  
     Grandma Liz and Avalon enjoy time together. Playtime with Uncle Eric.
     "Not another photo of me? asks Avalon.
     Dad helps with my exercises. Time for a little snooze. With that smile I think Grandpa likes me.

     This book tastes pretty good. Grandpa is making those funny noises again. In my right hand is the turkey baster                     
     Grandma gave me to play with.

     Grandma Liz with Avalon.  I love my squeaky toys.  Mom said "smile" when taking this picture.
     These are my parents Lars and Elizabeth with me. This is my dad's family
     Uncle Eric, new dad Lars. mom Elizabeth with Avalon, Gramdma Liz and Grandpa Pete.


     January 2, 2015

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