Random Thoughts

A mild December day

... rare and appreciated

by Shirley Rabb

Wind; blow gently for the limbs are bare.

The white bark stands out but the branches seem almost black. So close
together they look like fine lace against the sunshine. The lack of leaves make
for a clear view of the chickadees as they dash from the bird feeders to the birch trees.

The breeze sways the branches and the chickadees to a soft wind song.

Nothing else moves. The lake has a thin coat of ice and the pine trees stand
tall and still.

The day is warm for December and the snow of November has left patches of
white along the beach.

To look ahead there will be more snow, and the lake will freeze enough to
walk upon.

The wind, which blows gently today will howl and create frenzy for the trees.

But today I hear a gentle soft song.

January 2, 2015

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