Random Thoughts

Thoughts while shaving

by jtiernwey

Why are “ruins” a tourist attraction? When something is ruined, don’t you fix it or replace it? There are “ruins” all over the world with the more “popular” ruins in Italy and Greece. When these places fell into disrepair they didn’t fix them, they just let them fall further in disrepair for years and years. After enough years went by, like thousands, they called them Ancient Ruins, giving them a name with more prestige. Although recently, concerned about the “neglect” in the City of Pompeii that was buried by a volcano eruption thousands of years ago, Italian officials approved government funding for the maintenance and “restoration of the RUINS”??  

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has been leaning since the year 1173. Don’t you think they could have straightened it out by now, especially with today’s technology?  Of course they could have, but it wouldn’t be a tourist attraction anymore. When the USA has a sports arena in disrepair, like the Coliseum in Rome, they tear it down or implode it quickly and build a new one shortly thereafter, usually before the old one is gone. Buildings in the USA in disrepair are not like that very long before it becomes a new development or a shopping mall. It may have taking a little more time then, but they could have replaced the Roman Forum with a new “city hall and shopping mall”. The same goes for the Acropolis in Greece when they can rebuild in no time today. However, it gives me an idea. I have a house that’s almost 200 years old and in need of repairs and a paint job. Maybe I’ll let it continue to ”fall  into disrepair” and charge admission to tourists. And I know exactly where I’ll have the gift shop!! You can’t get out of my house without going through it.  

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