A pot-bellied Bluejay and some good neighbors

... not much to eat in this oak tree ...

from Don Norris

The temperature is about 15 degrees, the snow is already two feet deep -- and it's still falling. Chances of finding something to eat in our oak tree weren't very big. I grabbed this shot from the back window, but the bluejay flew off before I could toss out some feed. It all happened on the day of the Great Blizzard of 2015. What is really special this day is that some half-dozen different neighbors (friends, relatives and walkers-by) volunteered to help us shovel out the driveway. The winner was Scott, from across the street, who, without asking, marched over with his power snow blower -- it took him fifteen minutes to do the driveway. I never realized that life in my eighties would be any different -- but it is. Thanks to ALL you good folks -- including our daughter Nancy, who, from a hundred miles away, makes sure the plowman puts us on his schedule.  

February 6, 2015

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