Boy, oh boy, do I love chili

... the cook shares her secrets ...

by Betty Rossi

I just love to eat chili! Not just mine, but anyone's chili! I enjoy Grimsby's chili, loved my Mom's chili and now have a new, favorite chili and will share the recipe with you!

The Best Chili for 2015

You will need to tweek this recipe to suit your own needs.

In a Dutch Oven or very large soup pot, brown and strain 2 lbs of ground beef, and set it aside. Saute some finely cut onions and green peppers in a little olive oil and garlic. Add one half of a can of beef stock and put the meat back into the pan. Add one 28 ounce can of Contadina Crushed Tomatoes, a can of Diced tomatoes and one can of Tomato paste. Add 2 teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon of pepper, one teaspoon of Cumin, three tablespoons of Chili Powder, one tablespoon of brown sugar, three dashes of garlic powder, three dashed of oregano, and crushed red pepper to your taste. Add two cans each of Black Beans, Pinto Beans and Kidney beans.

Bring this to a boil, simmer for two hours and add water as needed.

And wait, and wait and wait! Then hallelujah! Mangia! Enjoy!

February 6, 2015

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