Random Thoughts

Let it snow, snow, snow!

... sez the lady from Buffalo

by Jackie Wattenberg

I grew up in Buffalo – I know snow!

And Melrose has outdone Buffalo!

Four feet of snow – at my front door. Beautiful!

Nine feet of snow in our driveway that we share with the man next door - his
car is almost invisible and charming in its new white robing.

No chance of going anywhere for my psychologist daughter next door or her
husband, the poet who works in Brookline! A day off to play Scrabble, make
blueberry muffins to share with me, pasta with chicken … some for me!

Awaking early I saw the white air outside my window - yes, white dust
blowing, swirling, dancing non-stop! Cushioning the roof next door, all the
roofs and porches and tress and the street of the hill In front of me -
beautiful! Even that ugly new apartment building going up behind me that
destroyed our bower of trees in our yard is softened and almost invisible
through the delicate whirlwind of new determined snow.

Five feet of snow before my front door - no way it could be shoveled.
Gorgeous! Inside my kitchen door a sample of snow right there for me - a
bell-shaped layer of snow white and pure! My cat examined it thoroughly,
took a little nip, and left it for me to enjoy until it melted-five hours later,
and then within an hour - a new determined sheath again inside my back
door. Beautiful! If anyone had dared to come to my door, I could have tossed
a snowball at him. But nobody came. Nobody was walking down the hill of
our street now -- untouched by human plow!

TV concentrated all day on the record snows all over, too much on those
near any waters around Boston … and it was not our only snow - but it
captured all of New England and along the coast, bypassing New York City!
Only a sampling of this storm of the century for New York so its Broadway
shows could be undisturbed! But a daughter living there, a nature lover
unafraid of weather, had been waiting for this climatic snow and couldn’t
understand why New York and Brooklyn were slighted.

Well, here in Melrose, we were not slighted. Tons of snow on our little street
and where were the town’s snowplows? Apparently hijacked by Main Street,
where, someone told me on the phone, cars were actually moving freely. Was
Shaw’s open? Apparently, but not overcrowded. All of those little pizza
places busy with calls for delivering pizza or hamburgers - but some little
streets were unconquerable!

A lot of folks were enjoying the day off, the beauty of the snow’s white purity
in a world of violence, struggle, hunger and war. Only a few TV stations
covered national news of the day – local stations were all showing the great
hills of snow and overflowing waters and governors and mayors with advice
and encouragement.

I didn’t see even one view of Buffalo all day - it was within range of this
super storm and probably was ready for it, unperturbed. But here in Boston
and Melrose, the great storm stopped all of us in our usual duties and gave
many people a day off to relax and watch the magic of snow.

    March 6, 2015

    Reprinted with permission from the Melrose Free
Press February 05,2015..


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