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... a goatee, Jay Silverheels, philtrum

by Florence Shea

... hats and horses at the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby Museum is an American Thoroughbred horse racing museum located on the grounds of Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky. Dedicated to preserving the history of the Kentucky Derby, it first opened its doors to the public in the spring of 1985.

You can be jailed in Fargo, North Dakota, for dancing with your hat on.

In Massachusetts it's illegal to wear a goatee without a license.

In 1919 you could be jailed for sneezing in public in the United States.

Paul Bunyan wrote Pilgrims Progress while in Bedford Jail, Bedfordshire, England.

Stannous fluoride, which is the cavity fighter found in toothpaste, is made from recycled tin.

The loop on a belt that holds the loose end is called a keeper.

There is a species of clam that can grow up to four feet long and weigh up to 500 pounds.

Bob Keeshan, who played Captain Kangaroo, was also the first Clarabell the Clown on The Howdy Doody Show.

Lions are able to leap distances of up to 36 feet.

A single lion needs 10-20 large animals per year to sustain it.

Giraffes have one of the highest blood pressures of all animals, due to their height and the large size of their heart.

The two presidents who died on the same day: John Adams, age 90, and Thomas Jefferson, age 82.

In Erwin, Tennessee an elephant was once hanged for murder.

The two lines that connect your top lip to the bottom of your nose are known as the philtrum.

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May 1, 2015

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