Did you know?

... Archaeopteryx, President Andrew Jackson, Mae West

by Florence Shea


           a Leprechaun counts his gold in this circa 1900 engraving   

According to Gaming Law, casinos have to stock enough cash to cover all the
chips on the floor.

The mint once considered producing doughnut-shaped coins!

The average age of a hermit crab is 75 years!

The first Ford cars had Dodge engines.

Archaeopteryx was a small creature with feathers that could fly and shows
that birds are descended from dinosaurs.

There were about 400-500 different kinds of dinosaurs in existence.

The first dinosaur, the Staurikosaurus appeared around 225 or 230 million
years ago.

Aunt Jemima pancake flour invented in 1889, was the first ready-mix food to
be sold commercially.

In the Spanish Pyrenees, when a beekeeper dies, each of his bees is splashed
with a drop of Black ink.

In 1845, President Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot was removed from his
funeral for swearing.

The average 6-month accumulation of barnacles on the hull of a ship can
produce enough drag to force the vessel to burn 40 percent more fuel than
normal when cruising.

American inventor Peter Carl Goldmark invented the long-playing (LP) record
in 1948.

The trademark name Velcro, is from the words velvet and crochet which
means “hook” in French.

Danish pastry is known in Denmark as Vienna bread—Wienerbrod in Danish.

If you ordered a Mae West in a diner, you would get a figure-eight cruller.

March 6, 2015

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