It seemed like it would never end

... and it has not yet

Shirley Rabb

Beautiful,gentle tiny snowflakes. Images of fairy tails and poetry. Piles of tiny
snowflakes days on end. Days passed to weeks and tiny snowflakes clung to
one another as if they were afraid to be alone.

Higher and higher they reached for heights above the little children; and
then above the larger children.

Moving these tiny snowflakes with shovels and snowblowers and plows did
not seem to diminish their size, or their will to stay together. And together
they did stay.

On walkways and steps, and on the roofs of houses and shops.

It was a sight to behold. All these beautiful tiny snowflakes created havoc for
people,cars and trains. Movement in the cities and towns came to virtual
stand still. People were angry and unable to cope.

These tiny snowflakes changed our way of conversation. When will it end?
Where shall we put it all? It has to stop soon, doesn't it? And still the tiny
snowflakes became hills and mountains around us.

Soiled and dirty where the plows had passed by, but glistening in the rare
days of sunshine.

One tiny snowflake, one family of snowflakes, one whole sky full of
snowflakes made us remember our childhood. Days off from school, sledding
and skiing and hot chocolate.

But we are not school children any more and THE HECK WITH THE TINY

March 6, 2015

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