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Who does Aereo think they are, trying to give us what WE want. The start-up, or shall we call them the up-start, came up with a new service, that allows us to purchase ONLY the dozen or so TV channels we regularly watch, on our own schedules, at a fraction of the cost ($8 a month), rather than pay for the hundreds of channels we DON’T watch. What a novel and practical idea? Not so fast, Aereo!!! The “big guys” sued Aereo and won because the U.S. Supreme Court stopped Aereo on copyright infringement laws. We have to take and pay for the hundreds of channels whether we like it or not, until another Aereo comes along and wins for US, the “little guys”. Most of us are also stuck with the “bundle” i.e., TV, Internet, and Phone, because we supposedly get it a little cheaper..err..a little less expensive than separate billings. Remember that Introductory Offer of $79.99? How much are we paying NOW? And have you noticed the extra charges of SEVERAL taxes and fees on your bill that you have no control over, i.e. Universal Service fee, Regulatory Recovery Fee, Franchise Related Costs, etc. I called my provider on one them that showed up “quietly” on my bill, Regional Sports Network Fee, and after a long blah blah explanation to me, I thought to myself “why did I bother to call”. PLEASE!…PLEASE!… give me back my 3 channels and my rabbit ears.    

March 6, 2015


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