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You’ve heard the terms “jumping on the band wagon” and “fair weather fans”. They come out of the woodwork when sports play-off time comes, e.g., World Series, Stanley Cup, etc., and they act like they know it all. They are some of the same people who go to the games ONLY when the local team is in the playoffs, jacking the prices out of reach and depriving die-hard fans of a seat who go all year long. The same goes for celebrities, politicians, and other notables where, magically, seats open up at “sold out” games, with a few exceptions like Jack Nicholson who is always at Laker’s games. I am guilty of this to a certain extent. I watch sports all year long but become more interested at playoff time because the games are more intense and exciting. And, of course, there’s more conversation with family and friends who take sides and even have money pools on the games. Our family watches ONE horse race a year, the Kentucky Derby, when about 15 of us each of us pick a horse for $3, “handicapping” by the name or color of the horse, and we are excited about it right up to “they’re off”. However, on the bright side, “fair weather fans” DO bring family, friends, and the community together a few extra times a year to break bread and enjoy each other’s company.

June 5, 2015  

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