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Thoughts while shaving


When was the last time you saw a car with an open hood on the road or
open in someoneís driveway for that matter? Remember those days,
whenever the family car broke down, your father would get out, open the
hood, tinker with something, and get it going again. He, like most fathers at
that time, knew almost as much about cars as the local auto repair shop.
They had no choice but to fix it themselves because they had no money or
credit cards.  Some fathers could take an entire engine apart, replace the
worn out parts and put it back together again, running like new. Most
fathers could replace spark plugs, change the oil, fix flats and rotate tires,
flush the radiator and fill it with anti-freeze, top off all the fluids, and
replace a bad battery. Of course, in our current digital and electronic age
today's father is not able to do what HIS father did so they routinely
schedule the car in for repair or annual maintenance and receive a hefty bill.
What would we do without credit cards today? However, MOST car needs
havenít changed much and can be done just as easily by today's fathers, like
changing or replacing a tire, replacing the battery, changing the oil and
topping off the fluids, and flushing the radiator. Some fathers STILL do it
and most fathers can but most fathers would rather watch the game and get
a hefty bill. And they say itís hard to make ends meet today?

August 7, 2015

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