Cabin Fever

... I have Cabin Fever

by Betty Rossi


I have Cabin Fever. I have Cabin Fever so bad, my Cabin Fever has Cabin Fever.
Day after day, night after night, snow, snow, snow and ice upon ice. Sub zero
temperatures in Massachusetts while Alaska is 50 degrees! Mother Nature, you
heartless bugger (pronounced hartliss bugga). You have really screwed up this
winter! We do not need any more snow. They need it on the West coast. We need
some global warming in the East. They can keep that snow in Alaska.

The baseball bubblegum truck has already landed in Florida for Spring Training.
The Red Sox are getting ready to play soon. My friends are posting pictures of
themselves on the computer, golfing and splashing around in their pools, laughing
at us up here in the North.

I should be looking for my crocci and daffodils, not for a place to put more
snow. I am a lottery playing shopaholic. I am not supposed to be housebound
because of snow.

If you listen to the news and the weathermen, you must get the snow off of your
roof so that your roof does not cave in. Oh, and what doesn't cave in, will be
pulled down by all of the icicles hanging from your eaves. So you open the
bedroom window to try to get rid of this "stuff" and of course, you can't reach
anything. The icicles are way too high up or too far down. So you go outside and
make a walkway for the oilman and the mailman. After about a week, the seven foot
high snowbank in front of the house is whittled down within a reasonable height.
It's been pushed and thrown into other seven foot high snowbanks.

When I've gone outside, I have on so many layers of clothing, that if I ever fell
down, it would take me hours to be able to stand up. I tried to talk to my
neighbor from across the street. I am five feet tall and the snowbanks are seven
feet. He had no idea where I was!

Finally you have a space to park your car in front of the house and the man who
is working on the house next door parks there, day after day, morning until
night. Am I angry? hahaha

When you can't get out of the house, you turn to your computer. Political jokes
clog space until you want to scream. So you play Mahjong, copy a new recipe, play
Puzzly Words, shoot at bubbles or try to find a new "Maxine" joke. You also try
to contact old friends. I spoke with my very favorite Stringer from Arizona,
Steve Johnson, and he  gave me the "ya, but" when I whined to him about the snow.
His complaints were about heat and dust storms that occur during their hot, hot

Oh no. It's snowing again. February into March. No snow in December. No January
thaw. Just snow, snow, snow all through February. Come on Spring! I have Cabin
Fever, and yes, I have it bad!

March 6, 2015

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