Oh deer -- deer me -- oh deer, deer, deer me!

... while strolling through the park one day ...

From Don and Lorry Norris

This is not Melrose -- we missed the action by a couple hundred yards. This
happens to be a stumbling-upon-amazing picture that is a very first during
my short 84 years.

It happened just across the Melrose line in Saugus, in the snazzy
development called Hammersmith -- you know, go out Upham Street and
the entrance to this relatively new development is on the left, halfway to
Sears. It is a snazzy place.

Lorry and I had been out to lunch that winter day, and I was showing her my
secret route that travels right through this elegant development -- the route
I take to avoid traffic while on my spiffy dirtbike. I used to have a path that
followed the adjacent powerline, from Upham to the Lynn Fells parkway, but
they have since built a classy development there. Besides I am getting too
old for all those rocks, streams, swamps and tough going. So I use the road
through the new village.

Somewhere we took a wrong turn and ended up in a cul-de-sac that features
several beautiful very expensive homes. And while I was turning, Lor
grabbed my arm, pointing off to the right. There was a young doe staring
straight at us, not ten yards away.

No, there were two young does!, Ooops, three! No, there's another -- five
altogether. And finally Lorry counted six twin does, almost beside our car.
The animals looked back at us, apparently unafraid, all chomping on buds on
the evergreens.

Quickly I broke out the Canon, flicked the switch and started shooting. In all I got six shots before I was satisfied. The six deer on the lawn just looked back at us, wary but not afraid. It was a stand-off, who was going to move first.

After a minute or so, one animal turned, and then a second followed, and
then the rest of the pack. They simply started to walk away! Not frightened,
for apparently this was their place, their home ...

It was us who gave up. We rolled up the window, put the car in gear and
slowly drove away.

In all my years as a woodsman, I have never been that close to a wild deer. It was a first -- and a beautiful thing.

April 3, 2015

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