Books in bloom

... Spring

by Debbi Collar

Madeline created by Faye LaGrassa

A new chapter has sprung up just over the Melrose line, at
Saugus Public Library.

The Saugus Garden Club partnered with The New Friends of
the Saugus Public Library challenging the public to be
innovative in combining their literary and gardening skills
to create topiary topics.

Books in Bloom stemmed from an article Garden
Club Board of Directors member Donna Manoogian saw in
The Mayflower magazine- a Garden Club
Federation quarterly publication. She presented the idea to
the horticulturists and a decision was made to open
participation in the event to the general public.
Participants would choose a book and one living item to
create works of art with a Springtime theme. Manoogian is
also on the Board of Directors for the New Friends of the
Saugus Public LIbrary.  Manoogian added, Books in
has blossomed since its inception and "is
done across the country."

Below are just a few photographs of the event.

As this was the first year that the Saugus Public Library
presented Books in Bloom, to welcome  Spring, the
two clubs "agreed to partner' with each other and "open
participation to the general public promoting it
as fun with no rules."

Charlotte's Web, created by Martha Morgan, Children's

Home for a Bunny, rested by Ramona Kowalsky,

Planting A Rainbow was a joint effort.  Its creation from
the team of Diane Wallace and Toni Rothwell, Library
Director and Library Administrative Assistant.

Spring has arrived.

April 3, 2015

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