He thought we forgot

... another birthday

by Florence Shea

After finishing a video shoot for “Have You Been Here?” in late March, as usual we stopped for lunch. While waiting for our meal to be brought to the table, Don Norris said “How come nobody wished me a happy birthday?”  We asked him when it was.

Upon learning it was the upcoming weekend we all wished him a happy birthday.  
At the end of the meal the waitress brought Don a piece of chocolate cake with a lighted candle in it. The waitstaff and fellow MMTV members Louise Fennell, Debbi Collar, Rita Mucera and Florence Shea serenaded him singing “Happy Birthday to you …”.  

We even treated him to lunch for the occasion.

And he thought we forgot. HAH! How could we when he holds a special place in our hearts.

April 3, 2015


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