Random Thoughts

Mystery of the woman with the yellow daffodil

... a mystery.

by Ed Boyd

At the market, the other day, I was looking at flowers to
bring home to Catherine, looked in my pocket and
discovered I needed to get to the bank. I walked down to
my car and got in and started the car. I was
startled by a knock on the window. There was a pretty
young woman holding a yellow flower in her arms. The
woman was holding this flower out for me to have. She said
I reminded her of her late father, especially my
blue eyes. She had noticed me looking at flowers and as I
walked away she thought me to appear wistful. Her
hair was pulled back into a bun and as she spoke of her
father tears filled her eyes. I asked her how long
her father had been dead. She said about ten years and her
eyes filled, again. I reached out to take the
flower and as I put the flower in the back of my car, she
was gone.

I have been mulling over this experience ever since. It gave
me a real lift. Day by day we rarely see or talk to anyone.
Most of our friends are dead and we are in
our dotage. We do have visits from our family on
weekends but during the week I get to go to Rite Aid and
the market, that's about it.

Still, you have to wonder what prompted this woman to
give me this flower with no strings attached. We both
have gone our ways without knowing each other. It
apparently was important for this woman to make the gift
in memory of her dead father. She said he was dead for
about ten years but maybe this was a way of her
holding onto him?

We put what has turned out to be a yellow daffodil that I
learned from the tag in the container on the
dinner table. I did not take to much time to decide that I
wanted to take a picture of the daffodil. Now my
family and others might see what a marvelous gift I was

May 1, 2015

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