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Hinchey's News and times past

... my brothers were paper boys

by Ann Marie Marnon Scheele

I also grew up during those years in Melrose. My name is Ann Marie Marnon Scheele and I graduated from St. Mary’s High School in June 1949 with my sister Mary Jane.

We lived at 49 East Wyoming Ave. and there were seven children – I was the oldest. My brothers Jack and Don Marnon were also newspaper boys. Jack died several years ago in California from cancer. Don lives in Dothan, Alabama is a retired Colonel, Tom lives in California, Jerry lives in Stoneham and Greg lives in Haverhill. My sister Mary Jane lives in Marion. We still all stay very close.

I worked the last two years in high school at Pete’s Donut Shop next to Hinchey’s and the Shoe Cobbler (who was Pete’s Father) had his shop next door on Berwick St. I do remember Syl Thompson. He really could play the piano and if he saw me carrying bundles up the hill to #49 he would always take them from me and carry them up that hill. Going down was easy but not going up. He was always so nice. I do remember him going in the service and often wondered  if he was still alive.

I know Bev Hinchey lived at the top of East Wyoming after she got married. My Mother and Father lived in the home until their deaths. I am now 83 and my husband is 88. We have six children and live in Scituate. My brother Don sent me the article. Our class of 1949 stayed very close and we meet with those who are still alive for lunch in Melrose. We keep in touch via e-mail with some of the others.

Thank you for all the memories you have stirred up from 1949 in Melrose.

Ann Marnon Scheele

May 1, 2015

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