A spring day at the beach

... Hampton NH and Revere beaches

by Shirley Rabb

The week-end was sunny and warm for April. It almost
seemed like summer at the beach. At Hampton on Saturday
there were children climbing walls, girl scouts helping to
clean up the beach, and kids at the playground. People just
walking in the sand, sitting on the sand and having a family
day was the schedule. Corn dogs and pizza in take out
containers and the day was perfect for all of it.

On Sunday at Revere the temperature was a bit cooler but
pleasant. The lines were formed at Kelly's for clams and
burgers. On the beach people did their exercise stretching
and running. There were dogs on the seashore and on the
sidewalk; and a young boy filling his pail with sand. I saw  
bikers, walkers, families, and the ultimate relaxer. Seniors
on a bench, first ice cream cone, and lovers enjoying the
day made it was a week-end to make us think of summer.

May 1, 2015

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