Lunch in Essex ...

... and already, another good place to eat

from Don Norris

We stopped in Essex going home, at a well-to-do
junkyard on the main drag -- where we saw that delightful
old truck rusting away in front of what turned out to be --
not a junkyard, but a bulging antique shop. Good fun.

During a nice sunny weekday, Lorry and I choose to drive
some 30 miles east on Route 128, to get to Essex, near the
shore of Massachusetts. It was a delightful day for we
stopped at Farnham's Restaurant, about a mile east of Essex
village. Farnham's is situated on the edge of a huge salt-
marsh with views of several hills left over from the last ice
age -- in short it is a delightful place to both eat and paint
-- if you're hungry artist.

(If you're interested, that painting is available at $150,000,
which price is negotiable. Smile, please.)

Seafood anywhere is expensive now-adays, and Lorry and I
ordered fresh fish sandwiches. Hers was deep fried, mine
was grilled -- actually we liked hers more. Farnham's is
rustic, warm, small, where one orders his meal at the
register, then seeks a table with a nice view. Our wait was
perhaps five minutes, and the sandwiches were super-
good. I had a glass of commercial wine also.

Our view out the big picture window was directed to two
posts in the saltmarsh, one of which had a rather large,
balanced nest some dozen feet in the air. Unfortunately
there were no eggs in the nest -- no ospreys in sight, but
the view was delightful.

Our drive home was over all back-roads, as we gathered
ideas as where we would like to settle during our later
years. It was a delightful ride through Essex, through
Ipswich, North Reading, Lynnfield -- all of which appeared
too expensive for retirement.

But time seems to be hurrying by, and we already have
started unloading the stuff we have collected over the past
80 years. Tools and my collection of guns  will be (or have
been) handed over to my son in law, Jeff. My collection of
mystery pocketbooks will probably go to the Friends of the
Library,  clothes to Good Will ...

Retirement is harder than I expected.

Anyway, we recommend Farnham's in Essex for good seafood
and some wonderful views.

May 1, 2015

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