New arrivals of Spring

announcements at area ponds

by Debbi Collar

"Rose," of Melrose's famous Ell Pond couple, aptly named
"Mel" and "Rose," shows off the first of her new clutch for

Rose takes pride in looking at her first egg this year.

Each year the community lines up along the fence on Main
Street awaiting the arrival of the cygnets. Swans lay their
eggs every other day until the clutch is complete.

A close up of Mel and Rose's egg

The proud dad, Mel is overjoyed at the arrival of a second

Mel joins Rose to announce a second egg has been laid.

Not to be outdone by Melrose, a walking trail in Peabody
revealed many more couples preparing their nests.

Geese overlook the waterfront view from their new
home in Peabody

This turtle basks in the sunshine. No more room on
the log nearby as its other family members had taken up
the available space.

Ducks enjoying brunch and a bit of sunshine.

Swans (Peabody) enjoying free time, gliding along the
waters of the pond before her cygnets arrive.

According to our feathered and hard shelled friends, there
is no more waiting for Spring to arrive. Their consensus is
that Spring is finally here following the harshest of winters.

May 1, 2015

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