Books, books, endless books -- all for sale!

... Sunday sale at our Melrose Public Library

from former Library Trustee Don Norris

Hey, hey hey! You wanna good deal??? I bought an eighteen dollar paperback, large type, for only fifty cents ...

... and there were hundreds, maybe thousands more of these bargains all over the front lawn of the Melrose Public Library. The occasion was the once-a-year springtime sale of books that won't fit in the Public Library anymore. The shelves are bulging, popular books get worn, new editions are being written every day ...

Lots of hard-covers, novels, texts, just about everything, all on sale for a buck or two -- paperbacks even less.

Actually, the sale is an annual thing and has been going on for several decades. Like, new books added to the inventory means old books have to go. Something like that. There is just so much space at the city's beautiful library.

Trouble is, now, that we have to wait another year for the next yard sale. However, the front door of one the best libraries in the Commonwealth is open at least six days a week. Sometimes on Sundays, too.

The good part of this story? You can still get the best books in the world at our Public Library -- and keep 'em for a month. For FREE!

June 5, 2015

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