A walk around the block

... now that spring is here

by Casa

Well I hear humans saying how lucky they are to have come
through this past winter. Did anyone ever think how lucky
my friends and I are to have made it also?  Oh, sure we did
not have to shovel, or pay for plowing but consider that we
had very little time out at all.

I had a ten by ten spot in the back yard, shoveled by my
parentís friend while my parent was away. When she came
home the space was extended to that ten by ten; and that
was it!  (Humans are such sissies).

But enough of last winter, it is now spring and I am out. I
am now getting my morning walks around the streets of
Melrose.  I am anxious to get out around 7am to see what
has happened over night and to relieve myself.  I check out
the grasses where my friends have walked before me.  I
climb up a small rock wall but I have to walk to the very
end where there is a smooth slate to jump off. The rest of
the wall has rough rocks sticking up.


There are pretty little flowers, I think purple,(you do
remember I am color blind so I just assume what my
parent tells me is true.)

There are also bright yellow bushes and red hydrants. My
friends always leave their calling cards at the hydrant.

I have met a number of my friends and we just nod or
briefly mention the day and the fact that we are all out now.

Rufus lives across the street from me and he spends his
time out in his driveway. He has a long leash but rarely gets
walked. Most of my friendsí walk up the driveway to talk
with Rufus and check out the local gossip.

I am on a leash also because it is the law in Melrose. My
leash is on a long cord hooked to my harness so I can run a
bit before I have run the length of the leash. I donít even
bother trying to chase squirrels on my walk, besides as
long as they are not in my yard I donít care where they go.
My back yard is a great place now. We have trees and
bushes and even a small pond where the birds come to
splash around, but walking the streets is the best.

If you are out at around 7am do stop to say hi; but donít try
to pat me. At that time of day I am on a mission and
sometimes I get a bit cranky to be on my way.

Letís not talk about the winter again and just realize how
lucky we all are to have made it to spring.

June 5, 2015  

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