The lake is free

... it is early spring

by Shirley Rabb

Ducks glide across the surface of the lake disappearing
under water at their will; and spring has come at last.

A gentle rain seeps into the earth to nourish the roots
waiting so long to bring forth green life and summer


Droplets hang from the bare branches of the birch trees
and the white bark seems to be brighter, clearer, and

The red winged black birds have returned and the constant
chickadees sing to the upcoming season. We have come
through a long winter; all of us. The lake frozen to eternal
depths, the beach covered with pure soft pillows of snow
and the chickadees and me.


The pines stand taller on this gray overcast day. They have
been our salvation, forever green during the white barren
winter. They have grown and so have we. Taller, stronger,
ever reaching for the sky.

Patches of snow dot the area as they slowly melt under the
constant drizzle.
A slow, almost magical veil of raindrops fall on the windows
and the trees revealing the reborn shrubs and
plants….revealing the newborn spring.

Originally written May 11,1994 Shapleigh Maine

June 5, 2015

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