Upclose and extraneous

... stills, close-ups, silly things ...

from Don Norris

It's a Monday morning and I have nothing to do. Well, maybe a few things. The wife is off to see the doc, the motorcycle has yet to be extracted from the barn, and I've run out of film. Well, almost.

Come to think about it, we don't have film any more. Thank goodness, for over the past 70 years the cost of buying a roll of Tri-X, shooting it (very carefully for film is expensive), then getting it developed at Lombara's Camera store in downtown Melrose -- well, we're running into pretty big bucks here. And remember, these were costly dollar bills, not the kind we have today where a cup of coffee is about ten times it's 1955 fee.

So now, I have maybe eight "cards" that fit any of the three modern cameras I own, and I can shoot forever -- at virtually no cost at all. It is even cheaper than those new modern telephone devices that do everything for you but scratch your back.

So that's what you're getting here. They're a whole bunch of pictures I shot while sitting here at my computer, at home, retired for some 30 years, and enthralled with cost of shooting photos. Nice hobby. Inexpensive -- although those three cameras total about $4,000, new. There's the primary gun, a relatively heavy Canon EOS 60D that was roughly $1500, my backup (a Canon G11, four years old) that cost $500 three years ago, and a new "toy" -- a Panasonic Lumix for which I had to pay Hunt's Camera Store some $300 -- plus tax. And a whole bunch of fancy lenses.

The cards cost about $15 each, average.

So now, I shoot about 150 frames per assignment. Like, I cover the girl's volleyball games at MHS, shooting maybe 150 frames during the hour-long series. In editing, I narrow it down to maybe six to a dozen frames that are emailed (or disk-delivered) to Dr. Ron Sen who is one of key supporters of teams (boys and girls) at Melrose High. He, and Dick Collis, who is head of he Melrose sports Hall of Fame.

The doc gets no pay for his time, nor do I for shooting 150 frames of one volleyball game -- usually three games-out-of-five. It's our contribution.

Not the handsomest subject, not at all -- but I dig the shadows, the light, on the all-white crumpled-up tissues. Such photos are not done for framing, rather they are made for some simple image, something either intriguing or cool. Forgive me if I get too personal.

This is a special hot dog -- Being in our eighties, we are allowed to shop around for "a best deal" -- and in this case, to replenish the two dozen prescriptions that my wife and I require to stay alive and thoughtful. In this case, we choose to buy one very, very expensive ($600) medicine at Costco, for a mere $44. Yes, the store is ten miles up Route One, but what savings!!!

But my point here is hot dogs. While Lorry is at the Costco pharmacy, I am over at the lunch counter, buying two hot dogs at $1.50 each. They come with all sorts of free condiments, plus all the soda-pop we can drink. Further, we do not belong to Costco (annual membership is about $50) which is NOT required to shop at the Costco in-house pharmacy.

Actually, I get all my meds (nine, daily) from the Vets, at the exorbitant price of $3 each per month's supply. That is $27 a month! So my two years with the Marines is still paying off.

September 4, 2015

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