A day in Maine

... it is a great life

by Casa

Most of you in Melrose know me. You have probably seen me walking with my parent around our neighborhood, or even read some of my stories. Well, I walk in Maine too; near my parentís home that is called ďHeven Help UsĒ (The spelling is correct, but that is another story)

It is always a vacation for me when we come to spend a few days.

First of all, I am not leashed! (Most of the time).

I do have a few jobs though. I keep an eye on the bird feeder to make sure that the food is shared by all the different kinds of birds that come. Most of them donít mind my sitting and watching. I do this sometimes from the ground and sometimes from the top of the picnic table.

Then there is this little thing, a chipmunk I think. It is an elusive thing but I keep watching for it. Sometimes it hides under one of our round bushes and I circle and circle, and that is when it runs off to the fence. I really donít want to catch it but maybe we could play at running. You do know that I can run very fast when I feel like it.

I also keep an eye on the driveway for visitors. I know everyone that comes, like our friends that live close by or the plumber sometimes. Once or twice in the fall a man came to fix the fireplace but I have not seen him again. Later in the summer there will be more friends for cookouts and swimming and stuff, but I will keep a look out for everyone.

These are my chores, the rest of the time I can do what I want. I can nap in the sun or shade, or even on top of the picnic table. If I am thirsty I can just walk to the lake where the water is cool and clean, sometimes very cold but always very clean.

Oh, I do keep a watch for the Loons that are here in the lake; and then some other ducks, Mallards I hear my parent call them. Once I even saw a real Heron.

I usually go out for about five or ten human minutes to do my morning business in the wooded area we own next door. The rest of the time when I have a need to relieve myself (can I say pee?) it is usually in the grassy area near our beautiful statue of the Heron, or on the bushes along the driveway. My parentís friend, who has passed away, made the Heron and it really looks like the real bird, feathers and all.

I can walk in the water to cool off if it is hot, or just lie wherever I am comfortable.

There is some great grass by the fireplace and if I feel a bellyache coming on I just chew on the grass and it is the best organic medicine for me.

The days are really pretty here. The trees blow in the breezes on windy days, and on calm days there is no noise except the sound of the birds singing. Although I canít tell the colors of the birds I know their voices and I can enjoy that part along with my parent.

See, we share a lot of things here in Maine, it really is a vacationland.

July 3, 2015

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