Remembering Ann Robbins Talbot

by Kay McCarte

Over the last few months the SilverStringers have lost two more friends and talented writers.

Ann Robbins Talbot, grew up in Melrose, and moved to Holliston when she married. She found the Melrose Mirror on-line, saw my name and sent us an e-mail asking if I was the one she used to see running (naturally, I was usually late) down the street to get the train in the morning before she went to school. Ann had lived around the corner from me growing up.

That was in 1985 and when Ann told us she liked to write we welcomed her with open arms.  She was a very prolific writer and from June, 1985 through  April, 2014 I don't think she ever missed a month sending us an article or poem for the current month's publication. We could always count on her.

She visited us at our meetings a few times around Memorial Day when she would come up from Holliston to meet her brother, John Grocott, for lunch at the Hilltop, then go to the cemetery. Before she left for home she would drop in for a few minutes to say Hello and leave after a short time to beat the traffic going through Boston.

When her articles stopped coming we tried to contact her by phone and e-mails but never got any response. Finally, our researcher, Florence Shea, discovered her obituary in the Boston Globe in late September 2014.

We miss her witty, pithy articles about growing up in Melrose and her take on the world around her. To read her articles go to “Who We Are” at the top of the Front Page, and click on Ann's name.

June 5, 2015  

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