Goodbye Hilltop

the end of an era

by Debbi Collar

Demolition of the Hilltop Restaurant was in progress last
month. It has been so sad to watch.

The place was being razed.
Bulldozers, ready for action, moved into place, some in the
area where the plastic cows once stood.

The life-sized figure of what was once known as "the
wooden Indian" (Native American) no longer greets Hilltop's
patrons at the door   Echoes of having your reservation
number called to Dodge City, Sioux city, Kansas City, or
Virginia City, following a long wait in a long line, now
heard only in the minds of those who were once visitors to
the restaurant.

Anniversaries, birthdays, dances in the function room,  
retirement parties, proms, weddings, are now only distant,
fading memories captured on film.  

Saugus' half century old "Hilltop" itself exists no more,
although the cactus will continue to stand tall according to

What will be placed on the land where the famous
restaurant once stood?  

Rumors around the Town of Saugus are that it could be an
area for development of an office complex, maybe a
shopping center similar to the one just built in Lynnfield
called "Market Street."

The third rumor is that in place of Frank Giuffrida's,
"Hilltop," another restaurant will claim the coveted spot and
it is possible that it will be surrounded by a mini mall.

We will just have to wait and see.

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