A Lot of Nonsense

... my Dad's favorite expression

by Louise Fennell

When I was growing up I heard the expression "That's a lot of nonsense" a lot. My Dad was a great guy but he took life seriously. When we went  on a ride on Sunday afternoon, I would always ask if we could stop for ice cream. His reply would be,"Why do we need to stop for ice cream when we have perfectly good ice cream at home in the refrigerator. That's a lot a nonsense". I could never convince him that it tasted different when you ate it outside the house.

I have based much of my life on doing the things he would have considered nonsense. Now that I've reached an age when I'm not responsible to or for anyone else, I'm fitting in as much nonsense as I can.

A few weekends ago my daughter Linda and grandson Shane and I flew to visit my brother in New Mexico. We were supposed to have a two and a half hour layover in Dallas and then switch planes and go on to Albuquerque. It didn't quite turn out that way. After hanging around for about two  hours an announcement came on that the plane was delayed for an hour. I called my brother and told him we would be late.

That didn't seem too bad. Then after what felt like a long time they announced that the flight was cancelled and to come to the desk to get new flight arrangements. My daughter did that and was told that the next flight would be at 7pm. It was noon at the time. That meant another seven hours in the airport. We had already eaten lunch and read our books till we were bleary eyed# Another seven hours felt like a prison sentence.

I called my brother again and told him the news. He said "Ok I'll be here". When I hung up my daughter said " I can't hang around this airport that long. I'll go nuts. Why don't we rent a car and drive to Albuquerque". We rationalized that we would still get there sooner than if we waited for the flight. So we took the shuttle to the rental location where Hertz, Budget and several others were all out but finally got a car at National for a greatly inflated price since it was a holiday weekend. However, by a stroke of luck they had a Toyota Camry which is what Linda drives anyway so she was comfortable with it.

I called my brother again but didn't reach him and I left a message. About ten minutes later he called back and said "Do you realize how long it takes to drive from Dallas to Albuquerque?". He didn't say it but I could just hear my father's voice saying "That's a lot of nonsense". I assured him that we did indeed know how long it took and planned on enjoying the ride. He didn't sound convinced but said, "OK, see you tomorrow morning".

The ride WAS fun. We stopped at a roadside store and bought chips , peanuts and assorted junk food to sustain us and began our adventure. To keep from getting bored we played "I went up to the attic and I saw ... game" for a while, took a few bathroom breaks and stopped for a light lunch. Then we played a game Linda brought with her called Catch Phrase, which is a lot of fun.

The scenery on the drive was beautiful. We saw some ranches in Texas and lots of sky
and land for miles and miles and trains that seemed to never end and a few small

We arrived at my nephew's Jim's house where we were staying at about eleven o'clock and promptly went to bed without even brushing our teeth. I haven't slept so well in a long time. The next morning we went out to breakfast and then visited my brother in the retirement home where he is receiving good care and was thrilled to see us. Hurray for nonsense.

People in photos:  nephew Jay Sutton, me Louise Fennell, brother John Sutton, nephew Jim Sutton and in background Jay's wife Shelli Sutton.

June 5, 2015  

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