Remembering Natalie Thomson

by Kay McCarte

Natalie was a Charter Member of the SilverStringers. She
loved to write stories and poems about her life and the
world around her. She enlivened our meetings with her
humor and tales of her adventures of the days before she
arrived at the meeting. She liked to travel on a bus to the
end of the line and back and her first article in the Mirror
was about a trip from Wellington Square to Winchester and

She loved people and always saw the best in them. She met
a very quiet gentleman in their apartment house and
persuaded Bill Jodrey to join the SilverStringers.  With much
encouragement from Natalie and our mentor Jack Driscoll,
he wrote about his adventures for six months as a hobo
during the depression. They were so good that Jack
suggested turning them into a book so, thanks to Natalie,
“Diary of a Hobo” was published.

Although she stopped writing and coming to meetings in
2007, she will always hold a place in the hearts of those
who knew her.

To read Natalie's articles go to “Who We Are” at the top of
the Front Page, and click on her name.

June 5, 2015  

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