Random Thoughts

Taking the cure

... an ephipany

by Ed Boyd

Here is a story our eldest daughter, Ellen McIntosh, told us
the other night. As we sat in Ellen’s cozy kitchen in
Stratham, N.H., Amy, another daughter, and me, Catherine,
my wife, somehow the conversation turned to talk about
Jack, his father. This is often what happens when old folks
and young adults get together and think back to a few
years ago. Jack was an old friend of Ellen’s from Melrose
High School, class of 1972.  They have kept in contact,
mostly by phone, for thirty years or so. He was such a good
friend that one day when Ellen returned to her home she
found that her driveway had been asphalted. This was the
business Jack was in and he wanted Ellen to have a house-
warming gift.

Jack was a big cut-up in High School and long after. After
high school, Jack drank very heavily for several years. In the
past 5 years, though, Jack has not had a drop. One day, as
curiosity bored in, Ellen asked Jack why he seemed to stop
drinking, all of a sudden. Jack said it happened when
driving his father from the nursing home where his dad was
living. Jack’s father was a man who also drank for many
years. He drank so much so that his health and mental
faculties prematurely had been impaired. It was the
conversation during that drive that was like an epiphany.

As Jack drove the car, his father had never lost a chance at
berating him. His father said something like, “You’re never
going to make anything of yourself. I mean, look at this
shit-box you’re driving.”

Jack said, “Dad, this is your car!”

June 5, 2015




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