Melrose's TV station turns the page ...

... Stringers participate at MMTV annual meeting

from the SilverStringers

Louise Fennell's "Have you been here?" program will
continue to be a part of the MMTV schedule this coming
year -- or so goes the vote at the recent annual meeting at
the Main Street studio.

Program advisor Mike Miner -- a key person at MMTV -
- ........

Louise's group -- largely made up of Melrose Silver
Stringers -- celebrates its first year of half-hour monthly
shows, and remains healthy and strong. So far the TV
Travelers have produced some two dozen shows, several of
which are still in the editing stage.

The television station airs the show on Monday at 11am, Wednesday at
10:30am, and again on Fridays at noon-- check the MMTV schedule in
the Free Press.

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