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My old XO-1 OLPC laptop is updated

... report from an old member on an old laptop

by John Averell

Many of you may remember when I brought my new OneLaptopPerChild Give-
one-get-one laptop into a December 2007 meeting. Here is the link to the
story:(Click here)

The OLPC group has been updating the operating system frequently during all
this time. I just installed the latest release, 13.2.4 of May 11, 2015. It's still

Unfortunately the battery died, will no longer hold a charge, and a
replacement is no longer available to purchase. But all works OK if I keep it
plugged into power. Its wireless abilities are still excellent.

By now this is a historical curiosity, although I think many are still being sent
and used in foreign countries in a much more advanced touch-screen version.
All that said, I don't really use it. Just take it out for a trot around the park.

Regards to all,
John Averell

July 3, 2015

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