New Stringer recruited in California

... future writers of America -- maybe presidential material!

from Florence Shea and Avalon Berg

These days I can crawl very fast and very well which keeps my mom busy. I can stand without holding onto anything for about 20 seconds. Dancing with my mom and dad every day is lots of fun. My taste in music runs from swing-era jazz to bossanova to experimental electronica.

Mom and dad take me to the local parks quite often. Other times we go for take short hikes where there is much for me to see. I love exploring nature's beauty in birds, butterflies and flowers.

With me in this picture is Sprout,one of our cats. He lets me pet him and smooch him to my hearts content. Every morning and night my daddy reads to me. Although I can't turn the pages yet, I still try.

I have seven teeth now. Amongst many other foods, I like apricots, avocado, yogurt, carrots, steamed sweet potato, bananas, broccoli, salmon and sardines. Many people, including my great aunt/ co-author, don't like broccoli but I do.

There's a big event coming very soon at our house. What is it? It's my first birthday on July 15th. I hope my big cousin Tallulah , who is four years old, comes to my party.

July 3, 2015

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