Who sez there's no Santa ...

... While out shooting the moon one cloudy night ...

from Don Norris

One cold night two winters ago, I stepped outside to shoot the moon -- with
my Canon 60D. It was a first try at shooting at night -- I'm still a rank
amateur at photography -- but a GOOD amateur.

I must have shot 25 frames at the rising moon, that night, cold as it was. It
was a full moon -- I had the wrong setting on the camera for shooting the
moon, but the views I got were good, thanks to rolling clouds and Adobe
fix-it program.

Two years later -- this past week -- I looked again at the two dozen shots I
made that night. It was about the fifth one that caused me to double-take. It
was an anomaly for sure, for I was looking at a rather vague face, a profile,
the face of a man with a beard. Yes, I discovered this week, it was a man. It
was obviously Santa Claus -- and I had captured his picture in the clouds

Amazing! So here it is, for all readers to see. I admit to pushing a few clouds
away for a clearer picture, but this IS it. It's got to be Santa!

July 3, 2015

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